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Dundee Township Historical Society

We Are History Documentary Series

Most recorded history starts as a "word of mouth" story told from one person to another or handed down from generation to generation.   The age of video recording is changing that, however there are still many "historical treasures" being "kept secret" inside the memory banks of many making Us all a part of history.   It is our mission to record and share those treasures with everyone because "We Are History".

If you, or someone you know, has a Dundee Township moment in history to share, please contact Tony Gorski At agorski@dundeetownshiphistorical.org

Click below to Enjoy our new video series with more to come:

2011 Season Opening Day Meeting

    Dundee Township Historical society President, Marge Edwards, introduces Jim Zingales who shares "the language of the civil war soldier".   Many sayings still used today, have origins that date back to the civil war.   Jim Zingales is the Former Camp Commander of the Sons of the Union Veteran, an organization originally formed for the children of the soldiers of the G.A.R.

2011 Season Opening Day Meeting Introduction

Additional phrases of the civil war








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